YouTube Launches Ad Tool That Generates Thousands Of Variations Of The Same Spot

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YouTube is offering advertisers a brand new tool called ‘Director Mix‘ that allows them to make thousands of different variations of the same video ad tailored to suit diverse audiences.

Many marketers on YouTube simply redistribute their television commercials, Business Insider reports, and so YouTube has developed technology that lets marketers upload different ad components — including footage, voiceovers, backgrounds, and copy — with which it can produce multiple ad iterations that target various viewer profiles. Advertisers can also choose to distribute these variations in strategic sequences in order to tell a cohesive story, or to avoid showing users the same ad over and over again.

At the same time, YouTube will let advertisers access even more data about users’ Google activity in order to better target their campaigns. While advertisers on YouTube gained access to Google search data in January, brands will now be able to access data from other Google products, including the Google Play store and Google Maps.

Google is showcasing these new targeting tools during Advertising Week. It also shared the update on its Inside AdWords blog.

“We’re leaning into our success with these tactics, and expanding the range of signals brands can use to make ads more customized,” Tara Walpert Levy, VP of agency and media solutions at Google, told Business Insider.

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